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The Dirty Truth About In-House Healthcare Laundry

Studies show repeated use and inadequate re-laundering leaves dirt in mopping cloths that can neutralize disinfectants. Contec’s PREMIRA® Disposable Mops, Wipes, and Dusters DON’T bind to disinfectants, allowing them – and your team – to do their job.

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Quat level required for disinfection = 660 PPM

Microfiber that goes through laundry process

The Truth Set Them Free

At #APIC2018 & AHEExchange2018, Healthcare professionals got the chance to vent – anonymously – their biggest frustrations from the frontlines of patient care and healthcare facility cleaning protocols.

Our goal at was to shed a light on the dirty secrets of a broken laundry process. A process that all too often undermines the hard work I/Ps and EVS staff put in every day to support quality patient care.

We surveyed infection control practitioners (ICPs) and heard stories about I/Ps seeing hair, lint, and particles in their “clean” mops. They told us their fears about spreading MRSA and C. diff around by using microfiber cloths that didn’t undergo adequate laundering. Attendees even told us they wouldn’t recommend certain facilities to their families because cleaning isn’t being done correctly. EVS workers told tales of staff hoarding and inventory shortages.

Ultimately, we have learned that cleaning professionals want to be 100% confident that their tools are the most effective way to clean.

Next stop, ISSA North America!

The Contec Professional Team’s next stop is Dallas, TX for the 2018 ISSA North America Show.  We’re bringing our “confession booth,” giveaways, samples, and tools to make ISSA even bigger than Texas itself … and you can hang your hat on that!

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We Care About What You Care About

No matter your priorities – from safety to suitability to savings – we promise to deliver solutions and service that exceed your expectations. Our proprietary product solutions and accessories are purpose-made to support the specific needs and nuances of each and every channel we serve. Nothing is more important to us than the voices of your staff and the customers you aim to delight. We’re here for you the way you’re there for them. Always.

20 PREMIRA® Microfiber Pads
Premira disposable microfiber

The truth is, microfiber is most effective the first time you use it. That’s why disposable PREMIRA® pads ensure the cleanest floors and surfaces every time they’re used.

More Convenient. More Compliant. More Clean!

20 Relaundered Microfiber Mops
Re-laundered microfiber mops
Don't take chances. Take control!

Information & Research

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